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I just launched this initiative in 2009 and now visited and benefited by hundreds of people every month, This Web Portal offers healthy weight loss, health information, self-improvement and healthy life style management tools to empower people to manage their health. Produced by a team of Web professionals, dietitians and medical experts working side by side, Nag 60 days challenge gives users access to the experience and knowledge of the success stories and offers users intuitive, easy-to-access tools such as "Symptom Checker" and "Quiz based analyzer" for fast answers about health conditions ranging from common to complex; as well as more in-depth guides on health problems and conditions, a wealth of healthy living guides, blogs, expert answers, videos, animations, and tests and procedures. Users can sign up for free e-newsletters which provide the latest health information from Nag 60 days challenge. Till 10th September 2012 this challenge program was offered FREE and now we charge a small FEE, which is 100% money back guarantee for the people who don't get their results within this 60 days as stipulated on day 1.

I assure that you are in the right place and you can rewrite your ageing up to 10 years younger in this 60 days challenge. This program is totally designed with 3D formula, such as Diet, Daily Activity and Dedication. No shakes, No Special Diet Meals, No Pills- All you have to do is just follow this programsincerely.The weight loss program has 2 phases such as 60 Days challenge (Phase -1) and 180 Days Challenge (Phase - 2). This program is long term result oriented. If you follow this 3D formula even after this 180 days, You will never gain weight and whatever you have lost is REALLY LOST.

Come and be part of the Healthy life style revolution.

Founding Member - Ravi Nagarajan