1. What is the main agenda of this club? - This group is focusing on weight loss program in a natural way. Any one who is 18 and above up to 70 years can participate in this program.

2. Do you charge any money for this program? - NO it is absolutely FREE program till 10th September 2012. Now we are forced to charge a small FEE, However the money will be refunded 100% to the members if they don't get the results in the 60 days challenge. But there will be a certificate and prize. The aim is to spread the healthy life style secrets.

3. Do i have to share my Identity? - NO we will not ask for your contact details or address, However we may ask you to submit your LIPID PROFILE TEST REPORT to understand and advice your weight loss accordingly.

4. Do you archive my personal records? - NO we don't keep any member detail files in this group.

5. Do I have to buy any medicine or supplement or any MLM product? - NO This weight loss program is designed on 3D methodology. Diet / Daily Exercise / Dedication. We don't have to consume any pills or shakes for this program.

6. I am very BUSY so can i visit this page once in a week? - YOU MUST Visit atleast thrice a week to get update and tips. This page will give more tips and motivating stories with proof regularly. You may opt for email method to receive your diet plan weekly.

7. Do i have to Consult my Doctor before this program? - YES if you feel it is required. If you are taking medications please consult your doctor before proceeding. The DIET is basically control your daily input and suggest some best food.

8. Do you GUARANTEE any weight LOSS OR Can i mix with my existing Slimming program? - NO please do not mismatch. If you are sincere and follow 100% you will be guaranteed a weight loss of minimum 8 kgs to 18 kgs. All this while people got 100% RESULTS in less than 60 days.

9. What to do after this 60 days? - We will relocate you to another section (Phase - 2) where they will guide you for next 120 days so 6months is enough to bring back your dream size and shape with 5 - 10 years younger look.

10. On what basis you run this. If any side effects where do we find you?

In the first FAQ i have mentioned clearly that i am not going to prescribe any medicines OR any supplements. All i am going to do is simple 3D weight loss. Food Control / Exercise / Will Power this three factors are needless to say that any one will advise. But NO ONE advises correctly because if they do so you will NOT be their customer again in 6 months. All i am going to do is CLEANSE your body TUNE back your Metabolism and STOP your ageing. Prescribing day today food doesn't require any expertise. Your mum,dad,brothers can do this why not ME?

11. How you are SO confident in this program?

I always believe in my STRENGTH. I am one fine example in this program. I was 140 kgs at the age of 23 and brought down to 76kgs in 4 years However many helped me to do this by paying sterling pounds and US Dollars. Again i have gained to 100 Kgs in 2011 & 12 due to some personal problems, binge eating and forgot the exercise habit. But i know pretty well i can make wonder in less than 60 days and i have proved. However the current members are the LIVE EXAMPLE.

12. Why we MUST take Lipid Profile Test, This reminds me a commercial doctor will advise to do Scan and Tests before diagnosis ?

First i never recommend any specific labs to do the test so no worries NO KICKBACK in this process. Second this lipid will tell you if you have some serious issues and require medical attention or you are just obese and reduce your body and cholesterol levels. Many think they are OBESE but they are having THYROID & Other issues. So we must make sure they are fit enough to join this and get their old good days back.

13. Do i have to take some holiday or any medical leave for this?

Those who are at home - NO WORRIES. Those who have active field work may have to take leave on just half a day on the first day if possible due to the first action for this challenge. Those who are confident in managing without that half a day leave are also OKAY.

14. Ravi - I saw your picture, your transition and positive synergy? but you have a down side also - you gained weight again, so it will happen to us also correct?

NO I gained weight only in 2010 & 2012 due to my binge eating of 5 - 6 meals a day with tons of cheese and 0% exercise. so if you do this 60 days challenge and 120 days second level challenge for another 5 - 10 years you will not gain weight (subject to maintain Food/Exercise and Few things to follow). So gaining back what you have LOST is not applicable here.

15. Ravi, You have mentioned that you will also prescribe the FOOD as medicine to loose, so why Many couldn't able to do it and leave this inbetween?

Motivation is the important factor here. I monitor day to day and our Admins, Dietitians & Doctors are very helpful in assisting you in many ways. Many woman pass their questions to them instead asking in a open forum. You will able see the first weight LOSS in JUST 7 DAYS and BIG CHANGE within the first 3 weeks. Those who are not TRUE & SINCERE will leave this in the first few days with many reasons. I LOVE the people who stay and accept the challenge. The TOUGH DAYS are the first 4 days that's all THEN the group motivates everyone and we will start gliding...........

16. Ravi - Do i have to buy any special expensive foods?

NOT REALLY, but some foods which we really forgot in our modern day to day life, so those food,fruits,vegetables has to be purchased but every one will get it for a very normal price.

17. You mentioned about Cleansing, Toning & Weight Loss - Looks like 3 major challenge how this 3 can fit in one program.

The slimming clinics and other doctors they do fast track without any basic work so all the efforts are seen externally and by the time you leave you are back to OBESE. I use different formula that is first CLEANSE your BODY that means melt your external soft FATS and Slow down your CRAVING for sugar and food and then start working on STUBBORN FAT and slowly sell all your tyres in the HIP and reduce your Stomach up to 6 inches, Butt, Thighs, All loose elements and then BUILD the metabolism to trigger more. Many are now 50 years in the first group having 30 years metabolism rate. So the final stage is TUCK IN all the loose skin and FIRM. NOT EVEN 1 person in our group has a PALE LOOK, Dark Circles or any kind of malnutrition nature. All are HEALTHY - YOUNG and ACTIVE than before.

18. Do i have to buy the new diet grocery daily?

No we prescribe Mon - Saturday one diet pattern and Sunday some relaxing food pattern keeping your family in mind and the next task from Mon - Saturday again. so 8 weeks 8 pattern of diet and other tips will make you as 8th WONDER.