Welcome to Nag 60 Days Challenge. Are you ready for a healthy life style and want to look 10 years younger than what you are today. Hundreds of people benefitted in this program. JUST 60 Days... Nothing Else...



Plan Your Meals

Get help planning healthy meals with nag 60 days feedback on nutrients and calories. Search for favourite foods, enter your recipes, and create a ‘pantry’ of your food choices. Sign up here.



Analyze Your Food

Nag 60 days shows you how your food choices compare to national guidelines. Set your eating goals and track your progress. Sign up here.



Track Your Activities

Are you as active as you should be? Do you know how many calories you burn? Use nag 60 days to set goals and track your progress every step of the way. Sign up here.



Meet Your Goals

Set your eating and activity goals and track your progress. Use nag 60 days to post pictures or quotes to keep you motivated and determined to succeed. Sign up here.

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